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Family Friendly Accommodation

How To Find Family Friendly Accommodation

Finding family friendly accommodation can be a long process, which is why we have made it as easy as we can to let you know that we will be there for your family whether your kids are two or twenty-two! No matter what your family situation may be, we will have the right room for you at Colonial House Motel. All the information you need is available to view on our website before you even book, making it easier to find the perfect place to stay. We have included all amenities, complimentary services, and special features in our room descriptions. We also offer a free stay to any child under 12 months. Unforgettable holiday experieHow To Find Family Friendly Accommodationnces are important to every member of the family, and we’d love to help you create amazing memories for everyone. 


What Makes Accommodation Family Friendly?

The most important thing for us to remember as a family friendly accommodation is that every family is unique, and they all have different needs that must be met. That’s why our family-friendly motel has a number of different rooms available. If your kids are after their own room, then we have a number of cottages and suites for you to book. We also have options for parents who would prefer to have their kids in the same room as them. Whatever sleeping arrangements you prefer, we know they don’t matter unless you can actually get to sleep. That’s why our motel has a noise cut-off of 10 pm, so everyone can have sweet dreams in plush, comfy beds with no disturbances.


Facilities Available At Colonial House Motel

There are lots of facilities that kids can make use of at Colonial House Motel. We know how much kids love to splash about in the pool. As a family friendly motel, we are happy to give guests access to our saltwater pool, complete with sun loungers in the same area so parents can relax as the kids play. They are also free to explore our sub-tropical garden and let their imaginations run free as they discover the gorgeous plants and animals that have made our motel a permanent home to thrive in. 


What Is There For Kids To Do In Kerikeri?

Kerikeri has a number of attractions that are suited for kids of all ages. We have done the research for you and put together a list of our favourite kid-friendly activities. If you have young kids who love to learn, explore, and play, check out these awesome attractions:


  • The Parrot Place

Located in the heart of Kerikeri, The Parrot Place is a great day out for families. Kids can get up close and personal with over 300 friendly tropical birds while learning about exotic parrots from all around the world. Interact with birds that could talk back, make the most of the play area, and enjoy an ice cream and a drink from the Sweet Treats kiosk. 


  • Kerikeri Mini Golf

Enjoy the fresh air and teach the kids a new skill with a fun game of mini golf! Just a five-minute drive from the motel, Kerikeri Mini Golf is a fun, affordable activity that suits all ages. They have an 18 hole game, a picnic area, and family deals that make it a must-do activity while staying in Kerikeri. 


  • A Day Out On The River

Explore the Kerikeri River and take in the quiet serenity on an electric boat from NZ Electric Boat Co. These boats are available to hire from Waipapa Landing and Stone Store Jetty. The electric engines are silent, offering a great way to quietly explore the river and observe the wildlife up close. These boats are sustainable, do not require a license to drive, and make for a great family outing on the river. 


  • Kerikeri Mission Station

Less than a ten-minute walk from the motel, Kerikeri Mission Station is a great way for visitors to learn about the last 200 years of history in Kerikeri. Walk through Kemp House and Stone Store, two of the oldest buildings in Aotearoa New Zealand. The museum and tour guides will take you through the rich history of the location, providing the whole family with a fun, educational day out. 


For A Family Friendly Experience, Contact Colonial House Motel

We would love to be your next choice for family friendly accommodation! Colonial House Motel will do everything we can to guarantee you have the best stay with us in Kerikeri. We’ll provide you with everything you need in the motel, and will recommend all the best places to see with your family. By staying at Colonial House Motel, you’ll get the most out of your holiday together and leave with a bunch of new, awesome memories. Contact us to book your Kerikeri getaway today!