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Motels With Pools

Motels with Pools

A Motel For Every Season

Colonial House Motel loves welcoming guests all throughout the year. Located right at the top of the North Island in Aotearoa New Zealand, Kerikeri is known for having an enjoyable, temperate climate. It is very unlikely that you will ever be caught out by unbearable heat or extreme storms in this part of the world. Such agreeable weather means that motels with pools are a popular choice for Kerikeri visitors, and our saltwater pool has been a huge hit over thA Motel For Every Seasone years. 


Because of our subtropical climate, we experience a great mix of wonderfully cool rainy winters and pleasantly warm summers that are just right. We have made sure that our guests can make the most of their holidays and our pleasant temperatures no matter what kind of weather they experience. We do this by providing accommodation with pool access to soak up the sun, and that’s not all! We have gone an extra step by also providing guests with entertainment for rainy days when they just want to relax with a book. Our amenities, alongside our close proximity to the heart of Kerikeri, mean our guests never run out of things to do.


What To Do At Colonial House Motel During:



  • Inside The Motel

Kerikeri winters are often mild and wet, meaning that plenty of indoor entertainment is available for guests during these months. Colonial House Motel has you covered with free Wi-Fi, your own TV, and Netflix access so you can stay indoors with no pressure to leave the living room. 


  • Enjoy The Motel Grounds

If you’re still wanting a good dose of fresh air without stepping into town, we’ve got you covered. You are free to hang out in your private outdoor seating area with a good book and a cup of tea. Sit back and take in the subtropical garden, the earthy smell of rain, and the lush oasis feel to this secluded slice of paradise. 


  • Exploring The Town

Should you want to venture into town, Kerikeri has a number of indoor tourist attractions. You can grab a bite to eat and enjoy a hot coffee at the many cafes dotted around town. For indoor entertainment, catch the latest movie at the Cathay Cinema, or immerse yourself in arts and culture by enjoying a live show at the Turner Centre. 



  • Pool Accommodation

The summer months of January and February are usually the driest months of the year in Kerikeri, making motels with pools like ours particularly appealing to holidaymakers. This is the most popular time for tourists, and it isn’t hard to work out why. We have wonderfully warm summers and perfect temperatures that mean you can hang out by the pool all day with no obligation to do anything else. 


  • Walks and Waterfalls

There are plenty of walks around the Colonial House Motel, including the Kerikeri River walking track just ten minutes from the motel. Waianiwaniwa (Rainbow Falls) is a short five-minute drive and boasts a picturesque location, an ideal place to swim, and an easy walking track with lookouts. These warm months are the perfect time to visit if you are looking to spend a lot of time outdoors.


  • A Thrilling Experience

The daredevils out there may enjoy making the most of the clear skies in a different way, by falling through them with style! Skydive Bay of Islands is there to give thrillseekers an experience filled with adrenaline and stunning views. Choose between the 9,000, 12,000, 16,500, and 20,000ft jumps and see the Bay of Islands as you’ve never seen them before!



  • Luxury At The Motel

Why not relax in splendour as the months begin to cool? Treat yourself in your accommodation with a spa bath pampering session, available at Colonial House Motel. Unwind with bubbles and jets, listen to the pleasant birdsong outside, and know your luxury holiday experience has only just begun. 


  • The Farmers’ Market

Make the most of the Autumn harvest and visit the Bay of Islands Farmers’ Market. Here, you can find all kinds of locally grown produce, cheeses, preserves, baked goods, and more. Shop around while sipping a cup of locally grown and roasted coffee, enjoy the live music, and support our local growers and producers!


  • Sweet Learning Experiences

Guests with a sweet tooth should definitely pay a visit to Makana Confections and the Bay of Islands Honey Shop. They both offer a range of delightful confectionery that is made on site. At Makana Confections, you can sample the goods before buying and see expert chocolatiers in action. Over at Bay of Islands Honey Shop, you’ll find all kinds of handmade products and watch their beehive at work, developing a new appreciation for all that bees do for us.



  • Flora and Fauna

Kerikeri is home to some spectacular wildlife, and you’ll find a lot of our beautiful nature right on your doorstep when you stay with Colonial House Motel. Discover the gorgeous greenery, beautiful birdlife, and other curious critters that have decided to make our motel their permanent home. 


  • Aroha Island

Located in the Kerikeri Inlet among the Bay of Islands, Aroha Island is a must-see in the springtime. This sanctuary is home to a wide range of wildlife only found in Aotearoa New Zealand, including our national bird, the elusive Kiwi. Visiting this precious location in spring is sure to give vacationers the very best of our native wildlife. There is even the possibility of spotting a flurry of baby Kiwis as they venture out into the world for the first time. 


  • Gardens, Picnics, and Wineries

Explore the beauty and art of Kerikeri at Wharepuke Sculpture Park or stop for a picnic in the gardens of the Kerikeri Mission Station. These serene gardens will introduce you to the whimsy of Aotearoa New Zealand and give you a greater appreciation for our native wildlife. You can also relax in the sun and enjoy the fresh spring breeze with a drink when you visit any of the ten wineries in the area. Discover local fine wines, delectable food, and breathtaking scenery, located just a short drive from the motel. 


For Quality Accommodation With A Pool, Contact Colonial House Motel

If you’re looking for pool accommodation that is ready and waiting for you to jump right in, then look no further. Our pool is well-loved by all of our guests and really enhances the sunny outdoor experience that so many holiday-goers are looking for. We know motels with pools are a popular choice for those wanting to soak up the sun and enjoy every minute of their holiday. That’s why our pool is available for you to use every day. Grab your swimmers and contact us today to make sure you can dive right into our pool as soon as possible!