My name is PussPuss

and this is my webpage…DSC03013-

I am writing this very slowly because my paws are a little too big for these letters on the keyboard.

Let me tell you about myself – I adopted Andrea and Alan soon after they came to the motel. I used to help Alan when he collected the guests’ rubbish bins – I thought it was a good idea to check out the rubbish to see if the guests had left something nice for me.

It didn’t take Andrea and Alan long to realise that I was very hungry, hurt and homeless and had been wandering around Kerikeri looking for somewhere nice to stay – some place that was quiet and away from that noisy traffic, some place that had lovely gardens and really felt like a welcoming home.

Here are some of my pictures of my most comfortable places to sleep – you can call me Puss In Box – you might have seen my cousin in that film of a similar name?

I like to go and see the guests when they settle into their rooms to check if they’re OK and comfortable. But I won’t go into the rooms because Mummy says that’s naughty. I also like to welcome guests and work at the reception, but I find that a bit tiring.

Hobbies? Well I just love doing jigsaw puzzles, but they also make me very tired and sleepy. Mummy and Daddy say that I’m sleeping on the job, what do you think?

now this is cosy..thought I'd spread out onto the pationot a bad apartment
I fit in this quite nice..Just the right size..just warming up the undercarriageA tiring JigsawHelping Mummy...I was just looking for one piece...Photos of Colonial House Motel, Kerikeri
This is a photo of me welcoming a nice lady guest (photo courtesy of TripAdvisor)

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